Beach Bar


 Assistant at the Bar. Must have a good image and attitude to customers. We wears uniform. The position must be flexible, being able to alternate between the terrace waiter and the bar waiter. Beach Centers offer a mix of local meals and healthy style of food with table service and "take away" service. Working hours must be flexible, because on the beach when the weather is good the demand from customers grows a lot and when it rains the opposite happens. We offer the possibility of accommodation and use of nautical equipment and bicycles during free time.


                                                        English language
                                                        With good customer service orientation and organized at work
                                                        Experience as waiter will be valued
                                                        For all jobs we require teamwork skills!

¿The best about this job?

Being able to live with people from around the world, beach lovers, practicing languages, in a pleasant space like the beach in Spain, interacting with clients through beach services.
Acquisition of experience to move up in the project.
Commissions for employees committed to good performance.                                                                                                                    Possibility of accommodation.                                                                                                                                                                                  Posibility of free use of nautical equipement (paddle surf, windsurf, hobie cat, ...)

   ★ Compensation & Benefits: 3.0

   ★ Culture & Values: 4.0

   ★ Career Opportunities: 4.0

   ★ Work / Life Balance: 3.0

★ Work complexity : 2.0
Company size:

10 / 20 PEOPLE

Salary :

1200 € MONTH

Cycles :


Company Growing:

50 % YEAR